Titration Systems
  • Applications include dairy farms wineries and breweries
  • Supplied with needed solutions
  • Easy to use

HI 901
HI 902
HI 84100

Titration: Some History

In 1855, the German chemist, Friedrich Mohrn, defined titration as the "weighing without scale" method, because this process allows determination of the concentration of a sample without using complex instrumentation. A manual titration requires high accuracy and precision, both in the preparation of the material, and the use of different precisely dosed reagents. The operation must be repeated at least 3 times to obtain a reliable measured value. This procedure makes the manual analytical technique very long and fastidious. On the other hand, the infinite applications that titration presents, can't be neglected, both for the organic and inorganic parameters. In some applications, for example in the food industry, the determination of the content of sulphur dioxide in must and wine, and the level of acidity in cheese are still determined manually using the Soxhlet method. See the table below for other applications.

Food Industry Acidity Water Analysis pH
  Chloride   Conductivity
  pH   Alcalinity
  SO² free and total   Chloride
  Sugar   Hardness
  Peroxide   COD
  Fatty Acids   Sulfate
  Vitamine C   Ammonia
  Acetic Acid   Fluoride
  Relative Humidity   Nitrate
Petrochemical TAN Chemical Products NaOH
  Br² Index   Carbonate
  Chloride   Ca²+, Mg²+
  Sulphide   Heavy Metals
  Mercaptan   Ag+
Pharmaceutical Titration with HClO4 Plating Industry Ag+
  Ca²+, Mg²+   Ni²+
  Carbonate   Zn²+
  Enzymatic Determinations   Cr³+, Cu²+, etc


Titration, moreover, can be of different types: potentiometric, amperometric, spectrophotometric, etc., depending on the properties of the monitored system. The growing need for faster results, has lead HANNA instruments® to develop the new titrators HI 901 and HI 902, two instruments that permit the automation of the titration procedures, while providing quick and reliable data.

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