Fat Determination by NIR Spectroscopy
Just a matter of seconds: Quantitative content measurements in food and feed products.
For nutrition analysis NIR Spectroscopy offers solutions for the determination of fat, protein, fibre, pH, ash in various food & feed products. Simultaneously.
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FT-NIR NIRLab® N-200  
Simultaneous classification of various components - in seconds

With the Büchi FT-NIR spectrometer foods or feeds can be quantitatively analysed in a wavelength range from 1000-2500nm. The standalone device is designed for the "off-line" control of incoming goods in the quality-control.

Advantages of NIR spectroscopy
- versatile: simultaneous measurements within   different parameters
- fast: results in only a few seconds
- economical: low operating costs
- ecofriendly: no chemical waste
- safe: no chemical reaction

Windows NT/2000/XP
Büchi has created a simple operating system based on Windows NT/2000/XP. Interface and configuration to food and feed industry requirements is problem-free.

FT-NIR spectrometer
Fourier Transform Spectrometers allow calibration data to be transferred from one instrument to another.

Measurement Cell MCS 100
This cell enables quantitative testing of solid (e.g. meat, animal feeds) and pasty products (e.g.yoghurt, mayonnaise, processed cheese). Standard glass petri-dishes are suitable for the samples. The rotating sample turntable maximizes the surface area of the sample to be tested. In this way the repeatability of the measurements is greatly increased and the danger of rogue results minimized.

Precalibrated applications
Büchi offers a selection of pre-calibrated applications in the fields of food and feed products allowing to get results from the first day on. For a sample analysis with NIRLab, step-by-step instructions are given for each application. Pre-calibrated applications can be adjusted to other criteria by the operator at any time.

Multi language
NIRLabWare is fully translated in different languages which enables the use of NIRLab also for not routine users. (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese)
Mixer B-400  
Sample Preparation Made Easy

The Büchi Mixer B-400 is the instrument for sample preparation in the analytical QC laboratory. Organic material - food, feed, leaves, meat, sausages, vegetable, fruit, slurries, suspensions, candies, etc., frozen or fresh - is homogenised and mixed within seconds. Problems you have encountered with samples containing a high amount of water, fibre and/or fat will no longer exist.

Large samples of around 100 g are simultaneously cut and mixed, improving the analytical accuracy of every laboratory. A homogeneous sample slurry is obtained with a minimum input of heat to the sample. Patents are pending for the knife blades and the plunger.

Inert construction of all parts in contact with the sample, makes the Büchi Mixer B-400 suitable for trace element analysis. Material in contact with the safety devices are built-in, thus achieving high and safe performance of the instrument in one.

Simple cleaning, easiest operation and a robust and sturdy construction feature the Büchi Mixer B-400 for the daily sample preparation work in QC, control and research laboratories.

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