Fat Determination by Extraction
How to make classical methods user-friendly and reliable?
The declaration of total fat is legally required for most foods and feeds. Büchi offers a complete solution to make this task easier and faster for your everyday routine work.
Speed up with automated Soxhlet extractions!
Time consuming procedures, use of hazard chemicals, an increased workload
and a constant reduction of lab staff force today's laboratories to focus on
ergonomic equipment.

Conventional methods still require a lot of handling - hydrolysis, filtration,
repeated drying, complete extractions... To make thoses steps easier, more
user-friendly and more secure for the operator, Büchi designed an instrument
solution to speed up traditional fat determination in foods and agricultural products.


Extraction Unit B-811  
Four different extraction methods in one device

The demand for easier sample preparation in quantitative analysis (food, feed, textiles, plastics, etc.) and in residue analysis (soil, waste, etc.) has prompted Büchi to develop a new extraction system, the B-811, specifically designed to be chemically inert.

With the Universal Extraction System B-811, four different extraction methods are possible without making any changes to the unit: Soxhlet standard, Soxhlet warm, hot extraction and continuous extraction. Determination of fat according to Soxhlet can also be carried out using the B-811.

Just program the system, using the integrated control panel, to suit individual requirements such as heating level, time and number of cycles. Each program consists of three main steps (extraction, rinsing and evaporation and/or drying) with up to six additional evaporation or drying steps. Process automation reduces labour costs and, by selecting the optimal extraction conditions, also saves time.

The system has an inert gas supply to avoid oxidation during extraction and to accelerate the evaporation and drying process. With the B-811 system, high boiling point solvents (up to 150°C) need no longer be a problem and several in-built monitoring functions guarantee a high degree of safety.
Hydrolysis Unit B-411  
The Büchi Hydrolysis Unit B-411
is the ideal complement to the
Büchi Extraction Unit B-811.

Most often the fat is naturally embedded in the food’s or feed’s matrix. In this case a hydrolysis step prior to extraction becomes necessary to access the fat. The acid hydrolysis method is still required in several AOAC Official Methods and Weibull-Stoldt Method (acid hydrolysis method) to determine fat in processed food like cheese, seafood, dressings, meat, etc.

The Hydrolysis Unit B-411 provides a safe and fast acid digestion handling four samples at the same time. The powerful IR-heating system is level-controlled and allows a fast heat transfer to the sample tube. With minutes the maximum power is achieved. Since the system is equipped with a suction tube to work under vacuum the time for filtration and neutralization is remarkably minimized. The hydrolized sample is filtered through a glass sample tubes filled with quartz sand and celite which is designed to be directly used in the Extraction System B-811.

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