Innovative Solutions for Varied Ranges of Application
Do you carry out nitrogen and protein determinations according to Kjeldahl in your laboratory? Or do you determine steam-volatile components such as alcohol, phenol, etc.?
Using the Buchi Kjeldahl line you will optain optimum results with significant time and cost saving. The choice is yours: from a simple distillation unit to the automatic system with integrated titration and evaluation.


Distillation + Analysis

AutoKjeldahl Unit K-370  
A fully-automatic distillation unit with integrated titration and data management - the most convenient total solution

The AutoKjeldahl Unit K-370 is a fully-automatic system designed for the most demanding Kjeldahl user. The K-370 sets new standards for safety, guarantees accurate measurement results, and for the first time, offers an upgrade option to inlcude an autosampler. The compact stand-alone unit includes an easy-to-read control panel with integrated keyboard and color display. The unit's leading-edge, high-performance software is straightforward and user-friendly with the ability to define various methods and save up to 10,000 results. The K-370's multitasking software allows waiting times during the analysis process to be used productively. The unit features a maintenance-free, high-performance steam generator, with electronically regulated steam output. Numerous safety features include a protective door, sample tube detector, cooling water flow sensor, drip tray, system for automatic emptying of sample tube and receiving vessel, and automatic-self test, all of which guarantee a high level of analytical, operator, and environmental safety. The transparent structure shields enable observation of the distillation process and maintenance is easy thanks to the front swivel door which allows easy accessibility to all working parts. The K-370 allows the connection to various peripheral devices via the unit's integrated interfaces.

Applications: Kjeldahl nitrogen and protein, Devarda nitrogen, ammonia, direct distillation, other steam volatile compounds.
Kjeldahl Sampler System K-370/371  
An outstanding team for fully-automatic, safe, and high performance in the Kjeldahl laboratory

The Kjeldahl Sampler System combines the AutoKjeldahl Unit K-370 with the Kjeldahl Sampler K-371. This outstanding duo will help you work with high efficiency while saving time. The sampler features an innovative sample-changing mechanism that uses steam to transfer samples to the distillation unit – no changing of sample tubes! The Kjeldahl Sampler System K-370/K-371 is a bench top model, that enables an easy switch between both automatic and manual operation by a simple change of a software parameter. The 20 place rack of the autosampler is compatible with the Büchi Digestion System K-437 and the Büchi Digestion Automat K-438. In addition, an express rack allowing analysis of up to 4 express samples is available. Carefully selected materials and numerous safety features ensure optimum protection for users and the environment.

Applications: Kjeldahl nitrogen and protein, Ammonia

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