About Us 

Three decades of experience in the field of high technology Gas Generators enable us to open Leman Instruments, SAS, a company specializing in the creation, development, production and marketing of components, modules of scientific equipment involved in the analysis of solids, liquids and gasses. We are focused in the production of standard products, OEMs and in custom designed realizations.

                                           FID Station                                                                                                 Hydrogen                                                                                          Nitrogen


                  High Technology Gas Generators

Our lines of gas generators have been designed to fit most applications in the field of laboratory, air quality monitoring, special realization and OEMs.

Each instrument is equipped with high performance communication interfaces (RS 485, Ethernet and WLAN) allowing to realize very flexible gas networks with either local or central control. The control software handles all safety functions, the automatic pressure regulation functioning status and ensures reliable communications.

All gas generators modules are easy to install, reliable, safe and pleasant to operate.